The Senate is the largest branch within the Western Student Association. It is made up of senators representing registered student organizations and academic colleges at Western Michigan University. Each organization that is registered through Student Activities and Leadership Programs receive one senator position. Each academic college receives one senator position and an additional position for every 500 students in that respective college. The Senate is responsible for addressing all legislation brought before it. The legislation acts as resolutions to the administration.

The Senate itself is broken down into eight committees: Academic Affairs, Campus Sustainability, Community Involvement, Diversity Guidance, Political Affairs, Public Relations, Student Affairs, and University Pride. The Western Student Associations Senate meetings occur every Wednesday at 4pm.



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WSA has introduced legislation to run paper-free meetings and will no longer be printing a copy of all business for each member. Instead, all documents will be emailed to registered senators prior to the meeting. However, we understand that some students prefer paper or do not have an electronic device to view documents. Would you like to opt-out of the WSA Paper-Free meeting policy?*

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I understand my duties as a senator as listed in the Western Student Association Constitution, which can be found under Governing Documents on the Western Student Association website. I understand that I am constitutionally obligated to attend all senate meetings, and participate in at least one standing committee that will be assigned to me. I also understand that if i do not fulfill my duties, I will be subject to removal by the Judicial Council or Speaker based on the charges of misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance. I am aware that on the third absence from a senate and/or committee meeting, I will lose my voting rights and will have to attend 2 consecutive senate meetings to regain them. Finally, I am aware that I may lose my voting rights pending impeachment by the Speaker or Judicial Council, respectively.